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Activating disabled AutoCAD-commands

One of the most interesting features provided by LT-Extender is called "command activation": nearly all AutoCAD commands, that are claimed to be not existing under AutoCAD LT, will be re-activated. This means, LT-Extender will enable these missing, native AutoCAD LT commands. LT-Extenders does not need to re-program these commands with its own code; instead, all re-activated commands are native, internal AutoCAD LT commands the simple truth: Autodesk has locked these commands for the users

Enabling these AutoCAD LT native commands also ensures highest compatibility and comfort for users and applications, those enabled commands act like original AutoCAD commands (they are original commands). Additionally, LT-Extender provides a new pulldown menu which contains all those enabled commands.

With only a few exceptions, all those enabled commands are available with all supported versions of AutoCAD LT (2000/2000i/2002) all exceptions are explained in the following chapters

Overview on re-activated commands :

Drawing commands 3dface, Edge, 3dmesh, Tabsurf, Edgesurf, RevSurf, Rulesurf, Sphere, Pface, Mline, MlEdit, MlStyle, Sketch, Trace
ext. Atrribute commands AttRedef, eAttEdit, eAttExt, BAttMan
3D-Surfaces Box, Wedge, Pyramid, Cone, Sphere, Dome, Dish, Torus
3D Operations 3dArray, Rotate3d, Mirror3d, Align
Raster/Image commands ImageAttach, ImageClip, ImageQuality, ImageAdjust, Transparency, Advanced Clip
ACIS commands Cylinder, Torus, Box, Cone, Extrusion, Interfere, Union, SolidEdit, Rotation, Section, Slice, AcisIn, AcisOut, StlOut, AmeConvert, SolDraw, SolView, SolProf; and also the complete set of Solid Edit commands
Pan/Zoom/3D commands 3dOrbit, 3dcOrbit, 3dZoom, 3dZoomTransparent, 3dPan, 3dPanTransparent, 3dclip, 3dSwivel, 3dRender, 3dDistance, Camera
Shading commands offers the permanent shading for viewports using all 6 Shading modes :
2D Wireframe, 3D Wireframe, Flat, Gouraud, Flat+Edges, Gouraud+Edges
Renderer commands Render, Scene, Light, Mat, Matlib, Mapping, ShowMat, Background, Fog, LsNew, LsEdit, LsLib, Replay, ImageSave, 3dsout, 3dsin, Rpref, Stats
Common commands XClip, VPClip, QDim, DXBin, Load, PsIn, PsOut, PsFill, Shell, Compile, Hatch2Solids, Solids2Hatch
Special commands appload (Loads ARX/LISP programs); lisp opens the interactive Lisp prompt

Commands that can't be activated at this time: all AutoCAD-Database-Connection commands (Ase/Asi). RTM: Bruk heller OpenDwg til analysere tegningen fra database-programmet.