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LT-Extender,  Images & Screenshots

Common and 3D Entities drawing commands are re-activated 
Extended 3D-Surfaces Commands are activated (Polymesh-surfaces)
Multi-Lines are also available now
All missing Raster/Images commands are also completely available
Solids may be created and edited even under LT
There is the 'Quick Dimensioning' command available now
Solides may be edited with all original AutoCAD commands under LT
If you ever wanted to Render under LT - do it now !
nearly all 3D-Orbit commands can be used
some 'exotic' commands can be used too
Clipping commands for Images, XRefs and Viewports 
You are able to edit the applications loading list (*.lsp/*.arx) and and put it in your own order
At the end of the installation process you can choose all the LT versions in which the LT Extender should be used.