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ARX interface

All AutoCAD LT versionen since LT 2000 have a complete and active ARX interface included you will recognize that AutoCAD LT uses lots of *.arx file to establish its functionality (like AutoCAD does); the LT installation folder contains many arx files.

But Autodesk has blocked any access to the ARX interface for external applications there is no (arxload filename) function and no original appload command available. This way, it looks like the ARX interface wouldn't be existing ...

Based on our ARX activation technology "LTE", which is integrated into LT-Extender, there is a technical solution available to re-activate the ARX interface even under AutoCAD LT, thus managing Arx applications this includes loading and running those Arx applications.

Usage and handling of Arx applications under AutoCAD LT is therefore absolutely the same as under AutoCAD. In some details a very small number (of very specialised) AutoCAD-Arx programs may have trouble when running under AutoCAD LT. This may range from minor, unimportant mailfunctions up to even crashes of the applications and/or AutoCAD LT itself.

There are many reasons possible for such incompatibilities:

  1. the program code may target exclusively and in a very special way to real AutoCAD

  2. it is possible, that arx programs will mistakenly use the wrong Registry parts of AutoCAD instead of using the AutoCAD LT parts of the Registry (i.e. problems with DemandLoad)

  3. in very rare situations it may happen, that applications will use complex communication between Arx and Lisp program code that is not exactly working as under AutoCAD.

But most of all Arx applications written for AutoCAD will also run under LT without problems one example is "LayerManager Professional" (also by TM-CAD Engineering) that uses complex technologies and both Arx and Lisp interface -LayerManager is completely working under LT without any problems

Usage of Arx-Interface and Arx applications from the users' point of view :

LT-Extender offers several opportunities for managing and using Arx applications all these opportunities are shown at the LT-Extender-Menu column, and will be explained here:

  1. Appload: the Appload command allows you to manually load & run Arx/Lisp applications

  2. Lisp-Prompt: at the Lisp prompt, Arx applications may be loaded with (arxload filename)

  3. AutoStart: using the AutoStart dialog, Arx/Lisp applications may be placed into the list of automatically loaded applications, that are available for use directly after AutoCAD LT start

The re-activated Arx-Interface is also available for applications:

The ARX-Interface is not only available in interactive mode (for the user), but also for applications in compatible way. This means, that both Arx and Lisp programs may dynamically load further Arx applications at runtime.